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The articles below are mostly by Michael Stephens. Besides these articles, you may also find more valuable information by searching Today’s Expressions™.

11/11/11 – November 11, 2011: Change
11/11/11 Marks the beginning of a powerful time of change.
There is an Opportunity
Overcoming the past of past lives.
The Inner Peace Revolution Letter - Creating World Peace
Michael's open call to create positive world change.
Trusting Intuition
My thoughts on trusting my intuition.
In the Empowered State
How to transform back into an empowered state.
Spiritual Parasites
Parasites hidden in spiritual and religious clothing.
Is the Real Battle in This World Between Spirits or People?
My opinion is that spirits use individuals for spiritual battles.
The Right To Experience Love
We are all born with the right to experience love, peace, happiness and joy.
We Are All One
The physical mechanics of we are all one.
Patriots for Dollars $$$$
Michael calls for charge free revolution.
Move towards the energy of hope.
Blowing the Bubble—Double-Dip Recession or Another Chance for Individual Rebirth?
A look at the current recession.
Psychic or Intuitive Leakage
Getting more from your intuitive hits.
What is Your Middle Name
An article on middle name meaning.
Feeling of Destiny – Finding Your Life Purpose
Realizing the signs of your destiny.
Does Money Make You Happy?
How does having money make you feel?
Body Consciousness and Being in the Moment
A practice to become more present and in the moment.
What Are You Broadcasting and Communicating with the World?
 How we communicate through feeling.
It Is OK to Be Who You Are
Opening the Door to Self-Love and Self-Acceptance
Being Broken 
An Opportunity for Self-Acceptance.
Can The Push™ Sway a Football Game?
The energetic effect I have while observing a televised football game.
Living In The Now
Excerpt from "Welcome To The New World - Mini Ebook" 
Excerpt from "Welcome To The New World"
Does Evil Exist?
Does evil exist and if it does, how does it effect us?
What Do I Really Want Exercise?
An exercise to change your life.
Need to Pay Bills? Financial Creation Sheet - Part 1
An exploration and instruction into a new law of attraction creation process.
A Reverse Energy Push
A summary of a new energetic method.
Swine Flu Energy Follow-up and Critic Rebuttal
This is a follow-up on my project to change the energy of the Swine Flu.
The Great Initiation
Another piece on Revelation 2:17 and our changing times.
Are You Ready For What You Asked For?
Prayer and intention do work. What have you asked for?
Shift of Consciousness
A time to let go and be present, along the with steps to make it more powerful.
Being Broken.. Hard Times..
What being broken is really about.
An Amazing Time - Looking Forward Into Our Future
Michael Stephens look into the future.
Stopping to create from imagination.
Slavery - The Three Types of Slavery - Part 1
This article is an introduction to the forces at work in our lives.
Conversation With The Source
My meeting with the source of all divinity.
Conversation With Jesus
A transcript of a conversation with Jesus
A Step Towards Success
Most of the beliefs we have that tell us we can’t really do what we want in life are false.
The New World
Michael Stephens description of a New World. 
We Are All Successful
An article with a new perspective on success.
Describes the power of sleeping.
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