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By: Michael Stephens
May 12, 2009

I decided to write this article as an individual that works with high awareness of how subtle energy works. I realize by writing this I may attract criticism or judgment, but this information is only meant to create a higher awareness of how subtle energy can be worked with.

A reverse energy can be likened to an instant karma. It is a negative or judgmental energy pushed back into the field of an individual, business, organization or government.

Through the course of life, individuals, businesses, organizations and governments develop both positive and negative energy. When either is created there is in almost all cases a period of time before said energy is returned. In a traditional Push™, energy within the target object is pushed for all goodness or priorities available.

In a Reverse Push™, all energy that is negative and of judgment is pushed back onto said subject.

Your first reaction to this may be one of judgment, doubt or criticism. But once you look upon the possible application for an advanced practitioner of awareness, the applications become clear.

A Reverse Energy Push™ is not applicable to all situations. It is applicable only where justified. Justification must be absolutely discerned. If the practitioner is in error, all energy pushed will come back upon the practitioner.

A common application for a Reverse Energy Push™ would be one of individual attack. An example would be that you as an individual are being unjustly attacked by any type of the listed categories above . In all likelihood a strong negative energy would be created within the field of those attacking you. As an advanced practitioner you would simply reverse the negative energy being directed at you back onto the attackers. This basic idea has circulated in spiritual circles, but what makes the Reverse Energy Push™ different is that you also Reverse Push™ any pre-existing negative or judgmental energy as well.

This article is meant to be informative, and I created it in a time when I believe individuals are under greater spiritual attack. In the last months I have seen a rise in negative spiritual attacks, and I have witnessed the many ways these can manifest. A Reverse Energy Push™ is one more tool in the individual’s and spiritual worker’s tool chest.

- End

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