Michael Stephens Self Healing Group A Step Towards Success
By: Michael Stephens
June 11, 2007

After spending two days writing “A Step Towards Success”, I asked my 10 year old daughter if she wanted to read it. She took one look at the paper and all the words on it and said “Can’t you just tell me what it says?”. This gave me the idea to summarize this whole piece in one sentence, “Most of the beliefs we have that tell us we can’t really do what we want in life are false”.

One of the challenges that typically comes up when most people talk about pursuing their dreams is the immediate objection from the mind that says that the dream, passion or goal cannot be pursued because there is something in the way, an obstacle or a challenge. It sounds like this, I want to but can’t because of this, something is in the way, or I need to do this before I can do that. .

The feeling or passion that comes from inside us, inspiring us to do what we truly feel or love in the truest sense is never blocked. Our dreams and passions are always available through a step by step process. So the steps towards success and living life passionately begin with the first step.

As we begin to make the first step, we may notice that our own thoughts and beliefs are actually trying to create obstacles before we even get started. So when we find that we’re focusing on obstacles, we must remember that in life there are obstacles and challenges that actually exist and obstacles and challenges we create in our mind. Naturally occurring obstacles act as a physical barrier to actually accomplishing a goal. Obstacles created in our minds are only perceived obstacles and in the physical world are not indicated by any true physical barrier.

In order to move through the obstacles and challenges our mind creates, we must let go of the idea of our perceived challenge or obstacle and begin to physically move towards the desired goal. That means taking the first step. If you feel the desire to start painting but your thoughts and beliefs tell you, you can’t paint, simply start painting. If your beliefs or thoughts are telling you that you can’t survive being a painter, then again, let go of the idea and start painting. The goal here is to move towards success in a step by step fashion.

Once you get started, you may have one of two experiences.

The first one being that of a real physical block. For Example, you decide to quit your job and look for a new one. A real challenge immediately presents itself; you’re unable to quit your job because of some legality. You then choose to let go and go on the job search anyway. Upon venturing out on your new job search, your car gets a flat. You fix the flat; begin again and a mile down the road, you run out of gas. The whole time you have a feeling of frustration and the step you took feels hard.

On the opposite hand, in spite of perceived obstacles, you take your first step and all of sudden you get a good feeling. The step is physically easy, you get support, people come to your assistance, doors open and it feels effortless. A perfect example of no actual obstacle or challenge but one that only existed in the mind. This is a real step towards success that is clearly seen in the success of the step itself.

If we can master letting go of the idea of challenges when they come up, we will find that nearly 80% of the ideas of challenge aren’t actually represented by any real physical obstacles.

When we do actually run into blockages, obstacles or challenges we can just think of them as our guard rails. These guard rails are telling us that we might not be on the correct path or our timing is off. In the simplest sense the blocked actions are actions that are not in our best interest. These physical blockages are acting as guard rails and are keeping us from straying too far off our road.

We may very well be doing the right thing but our timing is off.

Technically we should not consider one blockage, obstacle or challenge enough to be a real block. It is in the encountering of multiple challenges and obstacles that we should become highly alert. It is in the combination of multiple, real, physical challenges and a feeling that we are forcing something that isn’t right that we can begin to truly discern what activities are a waste of time.

When we do choose to fight and make these things happen we will often find in the long term that there is discontent or loss in that gain or direction.

Obstacles and challenges created in the mind are coping mechanisms. They are thoughts and beliefs we have created in order to be in control. They confirm what we already think and believe and give us the illusion that our form of control is valid. When we are in control, we not only feel energized, we feel safe. It is through same coping mechanisms or ways of dealing with life that we have set our limitations.

Right now, or at any other moment, we have only to look at where we are, to see if our ideas, beliefs and habits have really served us. If they have not, we can move into a more successful and passionate life by making the choice to let go of these habitual thoughts, patterns and beliefs. When we make this choice, we not only become more successful, we become freer.

Every time we make the choice to let go of one of these habitual thoughts or patterns, we begin to take away the power it has over us. Eventually, if we make this a practice, we will begin to naturally follow and flow with our instinct, motivation and feelings. It is in the following of this discipline that we will eventually meet our destiny, dreams and passions.

- End

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