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Looking Forward Into Our Future

By: Michael Stephens
February 19, 2008

What an amazing time we are living in. I don’t think there has ever been anything like this before. We are living in a time when the veil is truly being lifted and we can see life in ways we never have before.

It is quite amazing to see everything that is going on.

In the next years, individuals will find themselves coming more and more into alignment with their gifts and passions. We will also make strides in our society.

With no doubt, in all of this, there is challenge. I, myself, have been confronted with serious challenges over the last three years. But I can say, that after the many confrontations I’ve had with myself, I have come to more resolve as to who, exactly, I am.

We are in for a bumpy ride; there is no doubt that some of you are feeling it now. Quite simply, it is difficult to change without the knowledge of how to do it with grace. This change is inevitable and it will continue as long as we, individually and collectively, resist it. The bumps in the road are nothing more than nudges or wake up calls. They are essentially telling us that there is something missing, we need to pay attention to something or maybe that we are just not in alignment with our own best interest. These bumps in the road become smoother the moment we begin to awaken as to what they are.

Many people will continue to live life in fear, while concurrently, others will wake up like never before and realize there is nothing to fear. This will create an interesting dynamic for those that have awakened because they will see life how it really is. It will be similar to that of a light turning on in a dark room. We will see the dysfunction, once hidden by the dark, and it will be harder for us accept it in ourselves and in our society.

While some of us will embrace this change, there will be those that are heavily invested in the status quo and they will resist. It is in this scenario that we must closely examine how to move forward with the best interest of all in mind.

Ideals, like truth, freedom, and living life with passion, will no doubt be reborn and take on a meaning that has long been forgotten.

New leadership must arise in these times from those that have both decided to meet their calling and those that have fully realized their gift.

It is in finding and living in our passion or gift that we serve everyone. Each individual is born into this world with a particular gift similar to no others. It is being fully realized in their gift that individuals will make change and find happiness at the same time.

What truly makes this time different is that we can not only clear our personal problems and challenges in a faster way than ever before, we can also know our gifts like we never have. Human consciousness has greatly shifted in recent years and through very recent and upcoming breakthroughs, individuals will know themselves and their world like never before.

I have personally broken many barriers and paradigms in consciousness as to how things really are. Through my developments in Name Reading™ I have been able to definitively identify where the roots of the ego and personality come from. Through Inner Peace In 30 Seconds™ I’ve been able to easily show individuals how to break free of the ego and personality, so that they can truly be free and live in peace and happiness.

It is for this reason that everything can truly be different. It is for this reason we are now moving into an “Age of Freedom”.

- End

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