Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Blowing the Bubble—Double-Dip Recession or Another Chance for Individual Rebirth?
By: Michael Stephens
August 16, 2010

If you were to read the energy of the recession as I do, one thing would be seen quickly. It has the energy of a bubble that is growing but that at some point will burst.

For whatever reason, a great many people are investing energy on the downfall. It seems as though some part of them doesn’t see the big picture, the process or lesson to be learned here.

The lesson or opportunity is simple: when all fails, crashes or dies, you innovate and reinvent.

What’s going to happen if there is a double-dip recession? Are we all going to sink to the bottom and wither there forever? No.

We are going to reinvent, find new ways, bring to birth what is really needed. We will get rid of the waste, the next round of geniuses will emerge, and we will move on. Institutions holding back the process of evolution will either die or have to change. Our government is dying and it isn’t operating as it was intended to.

It is time for a new revolution of invention. Time to renovate our societies and find new solutions that work. I’m not talking about the kind of fabricated solutions that would put us under more control agendas but the ones that are birthed by inspired individuals.

It is time to work together and bring these solutions.

We have to blow out the bubble now, before it bursts, and start a new beginning. The same kind of beginning that happens when you realize you have no other choice than to start over and rebuild. The obvious and best choice is to do it now when the price we pay will be far less.

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