Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Can The Push™ Sway a Football Game?
By: Michael Stephens

I don’t normally watch sports, but yesterday I was out with a friend and we were watching the Cincinnati Bengals–Pittsburgh Steelers game. My friend mentioned that the Bengals are her team (she’s from Ohio). As we watched, I commented on how truly bad they seemed. She explained they are one of the worst, if not “the worst,” teams out there.

I decided to take a look at their energy using my psychic ability.

What I saw was some stuck energy. Very symptomatic of what is going on in the world today.

I could see the team and leadership had stuck energy. I see this in my daily practice. When we get stuck, our energy drags and things around us lag and the flow doesn’t move well.

In my normal practice, we clear the energy of the drag then burst or push the energy of the situation or individual. It’s not necessary to have any contact with the person, place, or thing. I use the quantum physics ideas of “The Observer Effect,” “Zero Point Field,” and “Entanglement” to change the energies.

I’ve never taken a serious look at the energy of a sports game, so this was really my first experiment. It wasn’t a full-blown Push™ or Inner Peace Revolution™ but just a new concept test. As I experimented with the energy, I saw the Bengals start to swing in performance, and they eventually turned what looked like a sure loss into a win. This may be the beginning of a huge change for the Bengals.

I will explain more about the nature of how I change energies in people’s lives and the world in upcoming correspondence.

- End

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