Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Conversation with Jesus
By: Michael Stephens

- Begin Transcript

Tonightís been quite profound hasnít it?

This evening has been profound in many ways, on many levelsÖ

And itís interesting..that we should all meet on such a night and have such a glorious experience together for one reason and one reason only. Because we are open.. to the experience at hand.

There is no one that is going to be left behind in this amazing awakening of our souls. All souls will awaken; this awakening is the second coming. I am not coming in a physical body. But I am coming within you. So as you awaken to your soul, you will awaken to the second coming.. (Pause) Christ.

A Christ.. A Christ is an exploration, an experience of oneís self that leads you to, in quotes ďA salvation of yourselfĒ. For when you truly find yourself, you are truly saved.

The wordage of my words that I spoke have been misinterpreted, the meanings have been slandered and miscommunicated. I meant every word I said and I knew it would mean something at this time, two thousand years later. I knew I would be coming back and I knew that I would be touching the hearts of every single person on this planet. It would be in spirit form, it would not be in a physical form. For this physical body that all of you have.. are not real. For what is real is your soul and your spirit, one in the same. And finding that truth of who you are, will change your world. Will change this whole planet.

Intent comes from your soul and itís what guides you. And that intent may be colored at times, it may be a losery at times, but intent comes from your soul. And that intent is the truth, it is real. Intent is the only thing that is real. Itís what permeates from your soul, everything else is a manifestation of your intent. So be one with your intent. If youíre uncomfortable with your intent, pray, meditate, become one with your soul from that which that intent came from.. compare. And change. That is your key to salvation.

Salvation is the awakening of your soul. That is what it means. It is important to remember this every moment. Every uncomfortable feeling that comes up, remember thisÖ Remember this. My soul is real, that is who I am. My intent is real, that is truly what is real. Nothing else is real. Am I comfortable with my intent? If Iím uncomfortable with my intent I need to pray and I need to meditate. And youíll find clarity and youíll become one with true soul essence and find clarity, itís that simple. Life was built to be that simple, thatís all I ever taught. Itís all that ever was, and thatís all there will ever be, is the truth, the reality of life, your soul and the permeation from your soul, your intent.

You can literally change this whole planet with just your intent, a clear intent. Mastering that intent. I changed this whole planet with just my intent, one human being, do you recognize this? Two thousand years later the awakening is happening and I changed this planet.

I take responsibility for my choices during that lifetime and everything that Iíve created from that lifetime. Now take responsibility for your choices. Take responsibility for every intent that is created from your soul. That is all that exists, that is all that is real. When you truly master thisÖ This is what I learned on my journeys and this is what I brought back, to my people that I was going to change and transform. Not because I wanted to, but them changing was a byproduct of who I was and my intent.

Now be responsible for your choices and your intent.

And come to me and I will give you clarity. Iíll give it to you every time you ask and every time youíre open for it. Iím here as all your guides. Personally, I will come to you as much as you need, for I am with you all the time guiding you.

Iím omnipresent. I am all.. all because I realized I was all. I realized I was God, I am God, I am, all I am. There is nothing that Iím not.

And I will be your support on your journey to that realization, to the salvation of your souls. I will be the support.

Thatís what my disciples taught. Thatís whatís been misconstrued. That I am not their savior. I am not your savior. You are your saviors, individually. I am not the messiah. No, each one of you are the messiah, for your creation.

And you will change the world.

I taught my disciples that salvation is within them, they taught the world that. I taught them I will support them on their journey, but I am not the truth and the way. That was misconstrued too, for you. I am the truth and the way and the light for me.

And the world can use me as a support on their journey to their truth, and their light and their way and those were my words.

And I will support you on your journeys.. Just call on me, I am here. And I will help you find your truth and your light and your way. It is through your soul, that you will find this.

And I cry because it is such a precious time for me to be able to touch like this, to be a part of your lives like this. And weíve shared many times together, all of us in this room have shared times together, precious times. And youíre very special to me, in a very loving way.

I honor your journeys, your accomplishments because I see them. I see them as you donít see them. I see all of your accomplishments; I see all your good works. And I see what the world is going to be as a result of you living, here on earth. And that brings tears to my eyes.. to see this.

- End Transcript

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