Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Does Evil Exist?
By: Michael Stephens

Maybe you believe, like I did, that evil is just bad energy or some kind of attachment to negative thinking. I never actually attributed the negative things happening in my life to any kind of malicious being or entity.

Believing this was one of the biggest mistakes I have ever made.

Have you been at the point where you are about to crest the surface or one of your goals is finally about to happen and then you’re sabotaged in some way?

Or maybe you are already really there and something or someone sabotages you?

Why does that happen?

Let me ask you this: At your very best what would you be doing? Would you be wealthy, happy, and changing the world by helping people?

I’ve found in my work that nearly every person that wants to be incredibly successful also wants to help people in a big way. They not only want to help themselves and their family but the world around them.

So what could be keeping you from getting there?


I do believe evil exists and it is not just bad energy.

It is a real and intelligent force. It can sabotage us through people, situations and ourselves.

My own ignorance of this kept me from reaching certain goals. It kept me from maintaining certain levels in my life.

Evil, or what you could also call the negative force, has an agenda, and here it is. Evil wants to: 

  1. Take our energy 

  2. Maintain the status quo

  3. Become more powerful

You see, evil will actually use your thoughts and emotions against you while it steals energy from you. This means that anything extremely emotional can be used against you.

Does this sound crazy? I used to think so as well.

I had one friend in particular who kept telling me that this stuff was real. Whenever he brought up the subject, I put on my rose-colored glasses and just didn’t pay attention.

This mistake cost me many setbacks and delays without my knowing it.

I would always get to a certain point and something would happen. Someone or something in my life would cause a disruption that would either sabotage or distract me.

And this is exactly how evil works.

It studies us, finds our weaknesses, exploits them, and holds us back. I used to think when something didn’t happen that it “just wasn’t meant to be.” That was bullshit!

My own belief that no God I would believe in would create a world that contained evil was my rose-colored glasses at work. I can’t even begin to explain how many hundreds of thousands of dollars this mistake cost me.

In the summer of 2008, I announced I could affect and change things in the world through my energy practices. I started announcing specific changes I would make. This announcement got some attention, and that attention was from the evil force. It made me a prime target.

Not too long after my announcement I attracted what I thought was the perfect relationship. Soon after getting started with her I saw some bad signs, I asked her to leave my life and she didn’t. This was another big mistake I’ve always made. I got emotional. I overlooked the warning signs and she moved in with me.

After about a month I started getting drained like a battery and all of sudden she was doing fabulous. How could that be? My very comfortable life started going backwards. I called a lot of my healer friends for help and they had me working on issue after issue but nothing seemed to stop the energy drain and bad luck. Finally, a client told me what was going on. I was being drained, not by the person but the energy attached to them. Once I realized this I started to clear that energy. And it worked for a day before it started again.

I finally stepped back and used my intuitive capacity to examine the situation from a bigger perspective. What I found was actually an energetic being that was using puppets to keep me distracted as to the source of my energy drain. After discovering him, I proceeded to try clearing him out of my space. I used my normal methods, but they only worked for hours. I finally asked myself, “What is it going to take to get rid of this in my life?”

The answer came: I had to drop my entire ego and stay in total humility.

Guess what? It worked. I learned a very expensive lesson that could have been even worse.

Evil attaches to our emotions and thoughts and uses them to distract us from being our best. It wants to hold us back, keep its position and grow in strength.

- End

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