Michael Stephens Self Healing Group In the Empowered State
By: Michael Stephens
November 09, 2010

In the empowered state we direct our future.

If you are afraid you are going to lose your job, you might. If you think of the worst it may happen, but in the empowered state we step beyond being subject.

When we are empowered we become the director. When you are the director, you not only have a choice, you make choices.

At the fully empowered level, carnal influence is removed.

You step into the zone and it compounds upon itself.

When you are in the zone, when you have momentum, everything is right, or whatever you want to call it, you have removed the drains of the world, such as negativity, doubt, hesitation, etc.

Inevitably we will hit the distractive phases of life, such as doubt, hesitation, fear, worry, and all that impedes us from being our best. When such challenging illusions come into our space, it is up to us to take responsibility and be in a place of action and responsibility with our choices.

If we truly want the experience of floating or moving through that “everything is right” space, we must make a choice to direct our life again. That is where our own power is best returned to us. We are saying no to the world outside and saying yes to choice. That specific choice is the beginning of the momentum and velocity that creates the open door to moving in a world of clarity and power.

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