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By: Michael Stephens

You will notice that all the processes of moving from one lifestyle to another lifestyle primarily deal with two things, the mind or what we think and being in the present.

When we live only or mostly in our mind, we do not live in the moment and as a result we do not fully experience, process or understand life. Life in the truest sense is continual experiences and in what I call the “New World” we experience life moment to moment with no attachment of what moment passed or what moment is next.

When we don’t live in the moment we miss the experience of that moment – a moment that might have provoked an emotion, thought or action that was critical for the next moment. We may have also missed meeting the right person, getting the right answer or finding the next opportunity.

I expect that if you are having a difficult time that you might be open to trying this. You can explore it to whatever degree you feel comfortable with. I’ll admit this may take a lot of letting go to do. Below is an example of how living this way might work.

Imagine two important moments, the one you’re in right now and the next one being your house payment. In between these 2 are 18 others. At this same time you have decided to quit your job because you feel called to paint and no longer feel being an accountant serves you. You have decided to stay in the moment and not be concerned about your house payment; instead you paint and follow yourself around moment to moment, fully realizing that you may lose your home if it is not really meant to be yours. You arrive at moment 18 which is you wondering about how to pay your house payment. Then you get distracted and notice how many beautiful paintings you’ve finished since moment 1. You forget about your house payment while looking at your paintings and get the idea to take them to an art gallery you saw at moment 11. Moment 19, you walk into the art gallery; the owner greets you like a long lost friend and after showing him your art, he offers to buy some. The amount turns out to be more than enough to pay your house payment.

Each moment is a gift. Each moment is an experience that we may or may not ever understand, but we can be certain that when we live in the moment we become more free and empowered.

- End

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