Michael Stephens Self Healing Group My Meeting With The Source Of All Divinity
By: Michael Stephens

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I would like to begin by saying thank you for being here tonight and being so open to the energy thatís being shared.

It is quite often that I realize how much it really means to human beings to share energy with the Source of Divinity and your friends not in physical bodies on the other side. It comes to my attention many times how wonderful the experiences are here together, when we share from love and from joy not bound by any limited thoughts or fear or emotions.

I come to you this evening to give you hope that you have found yourselves within yourselves tonight, you found passion, you found joy and you found love within yourselves tonight. And that is the most important thing you could possibly do for yourselves.

With each other, you shall rise to only the fabric of your own imaginations; your creative capacities are profound, prolific and unfounded on this planet. You may create anything you choose to, when I express this love to you the energy that you receive you understand, that is because you feel it and you know your creative power, the power that drives the very heart of this universe and creation.

Your soul is at the essence of this meeting tonight, it is your soul that I am sharing with and soul that you are speaking with because when you share, it is your soul tonight that listens.

The soul knows its way, the soul knows its true love and the soul knows all.

Without this connection to who you truly are, the soul who I left in the dark, who I left without a light, left in the shadows. For walk in the shadows and I shall shine a light and you shall see. I shall never leave you in darkness again. For with the glory of the heavens above, you shall always walk your path. You shall walk your path of love. You will find love in every moment that you find your life.

Your soul connected to everything is what you truly express, when you connect to everything. When you do not, you experience ďchaosĒ as Michael would say. You express untruth, you express things that are dark, things that are fearful and greedy, things that are nervous and jealous, things that are depressing, things that are unjust, things that are unnatural. When you express from your soul, you will express natural behaviors. Rhythmic, influentially on everything in this universe.

It isnít just that St. George has a power, as you have power. It is that St. George is the birth; itís the birth place of this transformation at this time. Itís not the only birth place, but itís definitely a major birthplace. You may call it what you will, vortexís, energy points, you may call it anything but Iím telling you itís a birth, of the new, itís a birth of the new, that is all it is.

People did not come here to create a city based on values of greed, untrust, jealousy, fear. People came to this city to build a city built on unconditional love, faith, passion, trust, comfort, and velocity.

When I speak of velocity I mean the quickness of the energy is a quickening of the soul. Just as you where discussing earlier, this energy does have an effect on you. But the energy is not here for you to clear. Though that is a byproduct of the energy, the energy is here to birth the new; itís here to birth and manifest the new. Rod that is why you are here, Michael that is why you are here, Jaclyn you are here for that reason as is Jim, Jack, and Trish. You are here to birth the new; you are not here to clear yourselves. Understand that, this place is not a place of clearing but that is a byproduct of the energy of the birthing.

Because you will clear, you will clear quickly and this quickening is going to birth the new.

Everybody come together and rejoice tonight because we are here together, we are as one together, we are speaking as one together. Weíre unified in soul and in spirit unlike we have been unified in some time. And, we feel it, we really felt it tonight when we talked about our passions and our dreams, when we shared our visions together we felt it.

And that feeling we cannot deny. We canít deny that, itís impossible to deny that feeling. Whatever you do from this point forward know, that you are a product of that feeling from this point forward and you will change from that feeling that you experienced tonight in what ever way or where ever you go and whatever you do however you change, you will change. It will be for your growth. It will be for your soul.

From this point forward we shall speak from our souls. We shall speak from our divine truth the essence from which we truly are. We are not this physical body, we are not, we are not this mind and we are not even these emotions. We are a spirit, an essence of pure light, of pure essence, of pure unconditional love which is all that exists, it is all that there is, it is all that there ever was and all there ever will be. Everything else is real because you say so. Everything else is real because you say so. But it is not real, but you make it real.

From this point forward we shall speak from our spirit and our divine essence. You are children of this divine essence. You are teachers of this divine essence. You have pilgrimed to this area, this specific area to birth the new. To represent the new and set examples of the new, new way, the new one, the new unity, the new, and you all knew it.

So I come to you, to remind you. And I will remind you again and again and again and again because that is what I do. I am the reminder of who you are. To always look within who you are and remember who you are, that is my job that is all I do.

That you will decide, you will always decide. And I shall care for you and comfort you and love you for whatever you decide.

And allow every decision to hold with it as much love and as much patience as every other decision you make. And that they are all, they are all just, and they are all, all loving in my eyes, they are all... good.

And I love you all.. love yourselves as much as I always love you. Because itís all there is, is all unconditional love in this all loving universe, it is all that is created and all there ever was and all there ever will be. Anything else you experience is real because you say so, but it is not real.

My lesson for tonight is that.

And that you will create your destiny and your reality. You will experience it however you experience it.

ItĎs a precious journey we are all on here. I walk with you, and I walk with you, and we walk with each other. Because God is within each other. God is, God is all there is and so we walk with each other and we remind each other and that God within ourselves, that essence within ourselves. That is our job, because when you are God and you are here, you are reminding yourselves and others of that essence of who you are and that unconditional loving essence. That is all I do, is remind you of who you truly are and thatís all you will ever do for yourselves and others is remind yourselves who you are, who you are, who you are. That essence of the soul, that essence of the spirit, thatís all you are. Get it in your minds my sons and my daughters, my lovers and my fighters; get it in your minds and your soul, the essence of who you are, it is who you are.

And I will come to you again, and I will come to again and again and again until you truly remember this. And thatís all I do is remind you of who you are. And it could never be said enough. And I will never remind you enough times, because itís done in every single moment.

And my precious, precious beings of light I wouldnít, couldnít express my unconditional love to you in words so I do in energy.

Thank you for this evening.

- End Transcript

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