Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Need to Pay Bills?
Financial Creation Sheet - Part 1
By: Michael Stephens
June 22, 2009

Do you have bills and other things that need to be paid?

Iím going to teach you a trick; itís actually still in the experimental stage but Iíve had good results so far.

Iíve wanted to share it with you before, but Iím such a perfectionist that a lot of my information doesnít get out fast enough because of the process I take it through.

So here it is Ö you ready?

  1. Take a small sheet of paper. A regular 8.5 x 11 sheet will work.

  2. Write ďFinancingĒ at the top. You can underline it, but the important thing here is youíre creating a space for what needs to get paid and taken care of financially.

  3. Write everything that needs to get paid. This isnít a wish list; it is a list of things that need to be paid or financially get taken care of. Start your list with everything you can think of that needs to get paid now. Also anything you feel like you need.

  4. Tape it or pin it to the wall of a place where youíre at all the time. It should be in your field of vision in a place where you are the most. There is no need to use pictures and all that stuff. This is not a vision board; itís different. Iíll get more into the science behind this and the story of how I figured it out later when I have more time.

  5. Whenever you think of anything else that needs to be paid, write it down on this sheet. Try to do it as you feel it or think of it. Create a new habit of writing it down.

If you are in a serious financial challenge or under negative circumstances, I want you to make a separate list of clear actions that you need to take in order to improve your life and get to work on it as well. Again, Iíll tell you more about this later. Just do this now if you need to make some financial changes.

Donít worry about what you wrote on your finance sheet. You donít need to focus on it. Keep it in your field of vision though. Itís a good idea to post it on the wall in front of you in your work area.

Iíd love to hear your feedback of how this works for you so please send me an email and let me know how it works. You can contact by clicking here.

- End

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