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By: Michael Stephens
October 26, 2010

Over the last 20 years, I’ve watched various patriot movements, and the one thing they have in common besides their themes about patriotism is their need for dollars.

I’ve seen it in every array, from those that say taxes are unjust to those that are saying we have the right to live as our Founding Fathers intended.

They all might be right, but the one thing I have seen that might be in the way is dollars. Specifically the need for dollars. If being a true American means it is going to cost me thousands of dollars, it might just have to wait.

Over the years, I’ve watched them come and go, and again the one thing these movements have in common is that somehow their need for money trips them up.

I think and I feel that the true next wave of patriotism needs to be in the form of revolution. This will be a revolution where we adhere to the values and standards that started this country and have kept it going to this day.

We need a revolution. We need not to be stop so reasonable and we need to lose our tolerance for acts of treason that have been and continue to be committed within our country. It is time for the sovereignty of each state to rise again, and it is time for the people to take control of the government by requiring that it do only the job it was designed to do.

We must set aside our differences and make one decision: Are we Americans or are we not?

If we choose to be Americans, we must decide what that means. We must look back in time to a place where our country functioned as intended. A place where each state was a sovereign state. A country of United States where each citizen was a sovereign state citizen.

It is time to dispel that which has led us astray; it is time to release civil laws, centralized government, centralized banking, legislative democracies and that which impairs individual liberty.

The reward for this is our life, liberty, freedom and happiness.

It is time we live in the truth of the real United States of America. We must no longer tolerate the lies that have been perpetrated on our Republic.

- End

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