Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Psychic or Intuitive Leakage
By: Michael Stephens
August 12, 2010

If you’re psychic like me, you will often pick up on or get intuitive hits about anything and everything in your life and those around you.

During a certain phase of my life I was primarily focused on counseling and coaching services. I really did no advertising but had a substantial mailing list. Most of my business came from responses to articles and writings that I posted. I had a very simple process. During a certain part of my day, what I should write about would come to me. I would write about it, send it off to my editor, and blast out the link on my newsletter. The result was that it always reached someone new and I would pick up more business. It afforded me a very nice lifestyle because it attracted the very high paying appreciative clients I love.

I’ve been using my intuition to guide me in every aspect of my life for many years now. Before I primarily became involved in the spiritual services business, I was fairly well known for my psychic capacity in business. Recently the way I approach my businesses shifted and I decided to review my intuitive process. What I discovered as a result is something I call “Psychic Leakage.”

Psychic leakage is the parts of our intuition that aren’t immediately recognized or that we may miss.

I made a study of it in the last months and found that the psychic leakage I have begun paying attention to and following is making dramatic improvements in my life.

This isn’t a beginner-level intuitive article or even a how-to-be-psychic or –intuitive article. The purpose of this article is to improve your life if you are already using your intuition and wish to apply it to a higher degree.

I am only going to address one application here. We can call it the “hot tub approach.”

If you didn’t know, people under certain circumstances get new ideas or epiphanies. This is intuition at work. For example, you’re in the hot tub and all of a sudden you get a solution, a new idea, or something that is clearly intuitive. It comes when you are in a relaxed state and out of your head.

To find your psychic leakage, you need to put yourself in your psychic hot zone and pay attention more closely to what is passing through. I did this for several months and found there were many more things coming to me than I was paying attention to in the last couple years. I was noticing the intuitive hits that seemed the most relevant, but in my closer examination I found at least several other things daily.

I made a daily list, put that stuff in action, and tracked my results. The bottom-line result is that my life started to run even more smoothly.

This is different than on-the-street intuition where you are picking up on all kinds of things. This is your specific zone where you get your best and most accurate hits. It’s notable that in this space or zone your mind won’t be busy, so you shouldn’t have a hard time identifying when you are in this space or situation.

Find your psychic leakage, put it to work, and let me know what happens.

- End

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