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The Three Types of Slavery - Part 1

By: Michael Stephens
February 08, 2008

Most individuals will live out their entire lives with no true understanding of what forces control and enslave them.

It is becoming a popular belief, based on the Law of Attraction teachings, that this universe is a catalog and you can choose whatever it is you want. To them that believe this, I will say, prove it.

No matter what belief an individual holds, we are still compelled by three types of slavery. The following are the three types of slavery, along with some explanation.

Level 1 – Self-imposed Slavery 
This form of slavery comes from the name. The name an individual receives, at birth, creates the character or personality an individual will walk through life with.

Level 2 – Slavery of Man
This form of slavery comes to us through law and culture. In law and culture, the individual is either forced or coerced into complying.

Level 3 – Spiritual Slavery
This form of slavery is where the individual has stepped into cooperation with the divine force.

At level one, an individual is controlled by their personality or ego. The origin of the ego comes from the proper name. In each proper name, the sequence of letters, within the name, creates a pattern of habitual thought, belief and action (Ego). This pattern of habitual thought, belief and action is set by the age of 7. From that point forward, each individual spends their time, planning and creating agendas to satisfy their ego. There are many instances throughout time that illustrate the power of a name. In the Old Testament, Abram was given the letter H by God so he could become Abraham, the father of three religions. In the New Testament, Jesus changed the name of all his main disciples because he understood the nature of names, as well as understanding that a change in name is a change in character.

Slavery of man, humans attempt to control their world by imposing and establishing culture and law upon each other. Anyone taking a serious look at this form of slavery can see that it is, in no, way absolute. Even though the majority of individuals may comply with cultural laws and pressures, many will not. There will always be individuals who break the law and break the rules of culture and society. Nonetheless, this form of slavery is extremely compelling, and to some degree, will rule every individual on this planet.

The third level of slavery is quite complex and the majority of people will have little to no conscious contact with this level. With that said, it is the top level in the hierarchy of slavery. It is, in fact, ruling the lower levels. An individual would have to be fully immersed in this level to be able to both discern and understand how it rules the entire hierarchy. Individuals that reach this level are usually considered quite wise and appear to be quite free (On the surface).

Individuals at level three have, to some degree, surrendered their personality or ego to the divine force. It is in this experience that the individual learns there is both a plan and a force that runs and influences everything. This force, at any moment, can bend and break all rules of nature and man (Miracles).

It is the destiny of this planet to move into the last level. It is through cooperation with the divine level that individuals find true satisfaction.

To be continued…

- End

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