Michael Stephens Self Healing Group The Power of Sleeping
By: Michael Stephens

As we go through the processes of life whether they are change, crises, challenge or struggle, we may experience extreme exhaustion and may feel frustrated because we have things to do and places to be. Yet we find that we can barely function and more than anything we feel the need to sleep. When we fight this need we experience frustration and things don’t operate smoothly. Fighting the need to sleep and trying to be productive is actually not creating any decent forward movement.

The best thing we can do is sleep. When we make the choice to sleep we make the choice to be in the moment with ourselves and do what is needed at the time. We are also choosing not to live in fear and survival. If we do not choose to be in the moment and choose to fight and survive then that is what we’ll get…survival. Survivors feel as though they have been through something exhausting—that something for us will be the lack of care for ourselves.

Often we will feel this need to sleep after interacting with someone, accomplishing something or making a new choice. There are two factors that are very important here, the first is that when we do go to sleep we are giving our higher self or the universe time to go out and arrange for what is next. That could be the meeting of new people, a new opportunity, a new situation, etc. The second is the letting go, when we choose to sleep because we feel we need it, we are letting go of control. That control is the mind saying we must stay awake and survive. We will often discover that after we have slept, no matter how strange the time was, things will have shifted—something difficult became less difficult, a new opportunity arrived, we feel less worried or we may simply have more energy.

The real power here is that we do not have to do it all on our own. When we choose to let go of the ideas and plans our mind has made and allow ourselves to rest, we detach from the outcome and allow our life to unfold in more fast and perfect way. 

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