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By: Michael Stephens
November 02, 2010

I’m sure you’ve encountered spiritual parasites. You may not have realized their true nature because they often appear quite loving and friendly.

A spiritual parasite is good at taking without your knowing it. They find ways to tap into us without our consent.

I’ve run into many within spiritual circles and gatherings.

One I ran into recently was from a film company—a film company that has “Elevate” in its name. For me it has always been hard to believe that someone can say they have a good intention but then act so differently behind the scenes. Seems to be a huge contradiction, but that is my innocence.

Nice enough guy by all appearances. Very outwardly loving and expressive. He is really good at connecting to people. He makes them feel very wanted in situations and has a way of making things happen smoothly. I became friends with him and started to notice something energetically tapping into me. It got really strong in his presence but would even connect out of his presence with a related thought.

I became quite uncomfortable with it but hadn’t quite pinpointed it down to anything in particular.

One evening I was sitting with him and he was explaining some of his spiritual philosophy. One of the interesting things that came out of the conversation was that he will let any being come into him and work through him. Red flag—I’ve seen this scenario play out before.

Red flag because this was the cause of this person pulling energy from me or tapping into my energy. It was not that it was specifically him but the beings he lets come into him and work through him. This is probably more common in spiritual circles than people realize.

I experienced the same thing a few years back with a radio host/author. I was on his show and we became friends, but I noticed whenever I read his materials that some parasitic feeling would come up, as if something was being pulled off of me. When I went public he got very angry, but I thought it was very important for people to know since I had previously participated in some of his group energy calls.

We must watch for these things. Awareness is more important than ever in these changing times.

Strangely enough, when you call such people out they call you worse things. What I can say to that is, my agenda is the same as it has always been and it is very public through all my writings and published content.

I believe we must understand and be aware of what these spiritual parasites are. At the minimum they wish to invade us and steal energy without giving it back. At another level they are not only con artists dressed in sheep’s clothing but spiritual entities that wish to possess some part of us.

If you feel your contact with someone, a group or a set of materials is tapping into your energy, I would suggest you run and disconnect from it/them immediately.

- End

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