Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Swine Flu Energy Follow-up and Critic Rebuttal
By: Michael Stephens
May 12, 2009

On April 29th I wrote an emergency energy alert for the Swine Flu hysteria. I explained that I intuitively felt a bad intention behind the media coverage of it. I at no time felt that the actual virus was a threat; I only felt the agenda behind it was.

When a fellow author called me and said that many of his group were picking up on the same negative agenda, I took a deeper look. It was at this time I immediately felt the impact of how serious it was.

I felt it was so serious that for over a week I devoted nearly all my waking time to changing the energy. The specific agenda I picked up on was one to end sovereignty. The method for doing this would have been simple. Governments could have easily stepped in and declared a state of emergency and required that we do whatever we were commanded to. We saw the beginning of this as some countries quarantined hotel guests and shut down schools and offices.

As an intuitive reader (not for hire), my accuracy rate is about 96 to 98 percent, with the small shortfall from perfection coming from inaccuracy in very personal matters.

I believe I intuitively read this situation very accurately. No one can seriously say that the coverage of this was just short of hysteria. It was only weeks ago that pictures of people wearing masks covered newspapers and websites.

Today, May 12, 2009, coverage of it is almost nonexistent. This was one of the goals of my swine flu energy switch.

I knew the moment I started writing about the swine flu I would be criticized. I have, in fact, received much criticism. Some even accuse me of causing more fear.

There are times in life when the reaction of fear is needed. I felt there was reason to be concerned in this situation and fear was warranted. That fear and the further possibilities I saw drove me to drop everything for well over a week and do what I do with spiritual energy.

If you were about to get in a car accident or something else endangering was happening, you would go into fear and that fear might help you to navigate to safety.

What I do is change energies. My claim is that I can change events and situations in the world. Some think this is an outrageous claim, but the cutting edge of science actually agrees that humans do in fact affect their reality and have this ability.

Iíve made it a point to document in my blogs and in newsletters what I have demonstrated change with. I set forth yesterday with new goals, a prediction of change that I will make. The most easily measurable will be that of gas prices. Today, one day after my claim, prices actually moved up. With that said I will hold steadfast and say within a month prices will be measurably down and within two months significantly down.

My claims of ability are the result of realizing a goal I set out to achieve in 2005. That goal was my desire to understand and be able to harness the secrets of life.

As a result of these discoveries, I worked with them in my own life and developed methods to apply them to practical daily life.

My most significant breakthrough was in how to access spiritual or subtle energy. I've more than hinted in several articles how to tap into this energy. It is in the matter of stepping out of the personality or ego that we can access it in a more powerful way than we ever have. I believe a good understanding of Revelation 2:17 among other Bible verses supports me.

According to modern physics, everything is made of energy. I believe this to be true.

Your energy right now is affecting those around you; it is affecting what you contemplate and how you feel about any area of your life and the world around you. The simplest way to observe this is to look at your interaction with others and the world around you.

When you or another person steps into a room in a dramatically different state than those in the room, it is felt. This is one of the most basic ways you can observe your energetic effect on others and how others are affecting you.

Letís find another way to demonstrate this in your daily life. We all have our fun friends, serious friends, happy friends and downer friends. Think about one of these types of your friends right now, pick a dramatic one. The second you thought about them you picked up their energy; if you are highly aware you really felt it. Your level of awareness affected how much you felt it.

This is one of the foundations of how I create change. In science it is called the observer effect. Iíll put in a disclaimer here that this not a scientific thesis, just a rebuttal in short form. I will expose more of the related science and religion in my film, The Inner Peace Revolutionô. Back to how I create change. Based on years of my personal experience, I have observed my own ability to affect situations. Realizing this and understanding a principle I will not introduce here, I create the changes I claim and more.

The way society at large is manipulated for good or bad, knowingly or unknowingly, is related to this. Every idea has a specific energy, the more people lend their energy to that idea, the more powerful it becomes. Again, you can observe this very easily through your daily life. A very simple demonstration of this would be the momentum of the Obama presidential campaign.

There is a problem with this though; it can rob the personal energy of those involved. When this happens an individual tends to lose their own empowerment and internal navigation and tends to get lost in the idea or ideas and beliefs they subscribe to. In biblical terms this is called idol worship.

I create change by traveling energetically into what needs work and doing what is necessary to bring it back into a dynamic state. If it is blocked or static energy, I change the energy using my Inner Peace Methodology.

Basically my methodology works like this: A person or individual in a place of peace will not act in an egocentric manner. So a big part of changing a war or conflict is bringing peace to those involved and taking the charge out of emotions such as anger. This is done energetically and actual contact is totally unnecessary. So what I am saying is that egocentric or held emotions are typically what create imbalance in both our lives and the world around us. This is not to say it would be impossible for someone in a place of peace to act out in a harmful way, but it would be generally uncommon.

It is common that many spiritual-centric individuals will think that I am using intention or putting light on the areas I wish to change. This could really be no farther from the truth. The principles of what I do are only foundations.

The fact is that the requirements of this kind of work are always dynamic and changing. Every energetic signature or what we call beliefs and ideas are as complex as life itself. No two situations I have worked with have ever been exactly the same.

I use two fundamental factors when creating change: my extraordinarily strong intuition and my awareness of how to move energy.

I have always said that if one hundred people devoted just a small part of their day to this, the planet would change for the better forever. The problem with this is I have never met the candidates that are willing to do what it takes to reach this level of both awareness and ability.

My publication of these matters has been for the sake of showing it is possible. In all actuality I am a private person.

Some demonstrations of how individuals can begin applying these ideas to change their lives for the better will be the subject of my upcoming TV show.

From time to time I get criticized as to why the whole world hasnít changed as a result if I can really do this. Let me address this here as well.

Each idea, belief, structure, etc., requires individual work through this process. I simply donít have the time or resources to be on top of all troubles and ills of our society.

I devote a small part of my day to the change I can make, and the rest is devoted to my other endeavors.

Thank you,
Michael Stephens

- End

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