Michael Stephens Self Healing Group The Great Initiation
By: Michael Stephens
February 13, 2009

Revelation 2:17 - Alterative Transcription

17 The ones who have accomplished self-love he will give the hidden manna. The hidden manna is the power. It is the spiritual power. It is the guidance of heaven. It talks about when he and Moses pulled the hidden manna out of thin air. He is using the very powerful spiritual and psychic energy that is available to every human being with a clear and balanced being and aura. When they have a clear and balanced aura they have achieved self-love. The manna represents the higher rates of vibration that they can use for teaching and pushing along the teachings. The new name they will receive will be representative of their new vibration. Names were very important to Jesus. Once the individual achieves the initiation of self-love and receives the crown of life. The ego has died and they will receive a new name directly from spirit. The names were received directly from spirit, and it had to be that way. However, Jesus took it upon himself to give names out. The tradition goes when you reach a certain point of initiation you receive that name from spirit. That still is true today. You’ll find when people reach a certain evolution they will receive a name from spirit.

This is perhaps one of most important pieces of information of our times.

This very passage is what people will struggle with their entire life. It is what I call “The Great Initiation” It is the initiation or transformation into self-love.

The transformation into self-love is not only one of the most personally satisfying experiences of life, but it is one of the most important personal empowerment steps. In fact, if you don’t truly get and go through this initiation you will spend your life going through what appears to be random chaos in order to get you to break open enough to be ready for it.

Most of us will struggle our entire life trying to find what we truly need, and that need is love. Real love comes from within, and love from within brings the experience of “self-acceptance.”

Self-acceptance and self-love are the foundation of this New World we have entered in. Many people really have no clue that we, in fact, have entered into a new world. The subtle energy of life is different. The old ways no longer work, and there is a reason for this.

It is time for humanity and individuals to step up. Each and every individual on this planet has a unique gift that only they can do. I have shown evidence of how each individual is blueprinted at birth in my Science of Names™ (Name Reading™).

Individuals and society are being called to step into a new way. This new way is the way of personal empowerment and individual purpose. I like this quote a lot. It is authored by myself and a teacher passed.

“Man is never complete in himself. He is only complete in manifestation of true purpose, through true living. In this he enters into grandeur, and the perfection of his own relationship with that which in all ways is good.

“Man, in true health and responsiveness, through proper living, is the evidence of his own validity as the instrument of true purpose.”

The chaos that is happening and that will continue to happen is only doing one thing. It is breaking us so we step into our true purpose. The world must change, and that change happens through individuals living in their gifts and passions.

There is one step that starts the whole process, and that step is the abandonment of the control of the ego or personality. It is this step that sets the individual free.

It is “The Great Initiation” because it doesn’t just happen in one step. It happens in many steps through many choices. The ego has long ruled the human race and doesn’t give up its position easily. An individual must repeatedly make the choice to step out of the ego to begin to understand the experience of what the self-love transformation feels like.

It is difficult at this point for most people to understand the difference. We have not been trained to understand the difference between the ego and true individual actuality.

Through thorough study and personal disciplines we can make this transition. We are in a period that offers solutions that are exactly proportional to the problem.

- End

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