Michael Stephens Self Healing Group The Right To Experience Love
By: Michael Stephens
October 27, 2010

Everyone, no matter what they’ve done, has the right to experience love, peace and happiness.

We are born with this gift. Through my discoveries in the process of life, I have been able to demonstrate to myself that anyone that is without some absolute impairment to experience these things can in fact experience them.

Regardless of the ideas of karma, personal judgment, personal infliction or ill will by others, an individual can experience peace, love and happiness.

We are born with the ability to be happy, be at peace and experience love. It is ourselves that get in the way.

No matter how bad someone has been or how guilty they feel, they can still experience these three things.

I know there might be people who would attack this concept and say, for instance, a murderer doesn’t have the right to experience, joy, happiness, peace and love, but they would in fact be wrong.

These experiences are born in us, and the good news is that for the most part they are absolute, meaning they are inalienable and cannot be separated from us. The key of course is understanding how to achieve these things even when we are in our worst states.

For me it has not only been very exciting in my work helping others but more importantly in my work shifting the planet. The feeling of happiness is absolute. And if you are truly experiencing happiness, you will no longer be interested in control agendas, war agendas, or anything else that is harmful to yourself or others.

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