Michael Stephens Self Healing Group There is an Opportunity
By: Michael Stephens
February 17, 2011

There is an opportunity for her to say her words.

There was another time, another life, when she had to say goodbye and couldn’t say goodbye.

In that life I had to watch her go and couldn’t do a thing about it. We loved each other but had to part with no words.

The pain of past lives often drags with us forever, and yet when we get a chance to remedy that pain and truly heal, we often stay victims of habit.

We’re back again and in the same position again, only this time we can speak but she won’t.

I understand the opportunity and I see the trap—she is having difficulty expressing herself and sharing her true feelings and love and doesn’t realize the difficulty in doing so comes from a different time.

I strangely find myself in a similar position but slightly different. I want to tell her we are free, we have words now, we can express and we can love, but I can’t except for here in this past life code.

It is amazing that we come here and don’t have to be here. As long as we are here, we seem to want to experience growth through lessons.

Past lives, reincarnation, so true but not true.

Trappings of a dimension with limits.

I once spoke with an angel, and this angel told me of its incarnations as a human being.

He said he had certain issues that he couldn’t resolve and because he couldn’t, each lifetime he came back he would choose a life that made it even more of a challenge so he would hopefully overcome it. I asked him, “What are the consequences of not being able to overcome the challenge?”

He said his soulmate has moved on and he himself has been unable to transcend the human dimension.

What if she just said what she felt?

If she were to speak again, I see reward, I see life and I see love.

The patterns of the past merge into our today and now and we must let go of what we think, our fears and our attachments to patterns and realize we are free.

We are free to express. You are free to express yourself.

You are free to share your love.

You are free to love me and you are free to love you.

When the world gets this poem we shall all be free.

- End

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