Michael Stephens Self Healing Group What Do I Really Want Exercise™
By: Michael Stephens

Ask yourself right now …

What do I really want?

What was your answer?

If you are like nearly every person I have ever asked this to, there were two answers.

The first was the one that came to you intuitively and instantly, and the second was the one that your mind came up with.

Is there a difference?


Ask yourself again …

What do I really want?

Did you FEEL the immediate energetic answer?

One of the ways to get what you want is to know the first. The first is your true desire or intention and it comes to you through a quick feeling. The second, which comes from your mind, is the one you came up with to make sense of what you really want.

Does this matter?


The first reaction or answer is the one that you desire most. It comes from your energy, and until you become totally honest about it, you will waste your time trying to create things that will eventually lead you to it.

This means you can get what you want faster if you are HONEST and DIRECT!

So how do you do this?

There are a couple steps and here they are:

  1. Be Honest—Be honest about what you really want. Not what you think you want, be honest about WHAT YOU REALLY WANT!

  2. Sit in the Energy—You have to sit in the energy of what you desire and get very comfortable with the feeling of it. So after you ask “What Do I Really Want?” sit in the feeling that comes after. If you answer is happiness then feel that answer until you get the feeling that you are done. If that answer is money then sit in the feeling of money until you feel you are done.

So whatever the answer is, you have to get used to sitting in the feeling of that answer and let the energy of your answer start creating your life. It may seem like a very abstract approach but the feeling or energy that you regularly connect with is actually what creates most of how your life is shaped.

It is this simple. If you just use this one method, you will change your life for the better. Use it regularly. You can probably and should use this exercise several times a day. When you do, your priority wants will start to get taken care of faster. 80% of the time the first answer most people get is “I just want to be happy”.

The trick is that you might think that you have to do something other than sit in the feeling to start getting that desire met. The reality is if you learn to sit in these energetic responses and feelings you will start to feel better just be sitting in them. The long term benefit will be that you will actually start to see huge shifts in your life if you really work with this exercise.

This exercise is part of the “Bending Reality Program™”.

- End

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