Michael Stephens Self Healing Group Issue Resolution Counseling™

When you have an issue, problem, or blockage, you want to know exactly how to feel better and get past it.

Issue Resolution Counseling™ helps you to relieve the pain of what is bothering you. We help you to solve your problems, issues, and blockages so you feel better and happy again. We’ve helped thousands of individuals to relieve the things that bother them.

During our original research on how to heal and help humanity, we stumbled upon the secrets of what ties many things in life together. You don’t even have to know exactly what is bothering you because with as little as a few questions we’ll be able to help you. We’ll help you to discover the root of the problem, and then quickly assist you to clear it. After you feel relieved and clear we summarize how you got there and remind you how to stay clear, free, and happy.

Have you ever figured out the cost of an issue, problem or blockage?

With our experience in helping thousands of people, we have learned a lot about the real expense of an issue. Think about the issue you may have with relationships. If your one issue leads you to bad relationship after bad relationship, you could lose years of your life, not to mention thousands of dollars, entering into these bad relationships. We can go on and on, but all you have to do is sit down and figure out the great expense and the amount of time lost due to just one problem in your life.

With Issue Resolution Counseling™ we will often have a solution within one session. We have never failed to have someone walk away feeling better. If you don’t, you don’t pay!

We can help you from any part of the world with just one telephone call. The sessions are nothing like traditional talk counseling; they are a strong spiritual channeling of clarity, solution, and wisdom.

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