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I'm currently working with someone named Michael Stephens and we are working on a show. On a reality TV show and its going to be based on that but I think even deeper than that. How you can change your life by not only having positive thoughts, by really believing and really seeing the thoughts. Because believing is not enough, you have to feel them. You have to vibrate. And I believe in that. I changed my life and I believe that if I did it, anybody else can do it. The law of attraction is really important. - Terry Ilous

Terry Ilous, Terry Ilous from Great White literally drives by Hooklines and Singers!

I tell Terry that I have watched a clip of his "Bending Reality” show and ask him: Why do you think you are afraid of success? He looks almost relieved that I have brought this up. “I’m glad you asked. Michael Stephens is another person who helped me deeply in my life. He saw me playing with Chris Slade (AC/DC) and approached me after the show. He told me he could see my energy and see me pushing success away. I had all the tools to make it, but I was pushing success away. I was always walking away from good women. I was self-sabotaging like crazy. He could see I was afraid. I asked him, 'What happens after I reach my goal?' He said, 'You'll have another success. Things will happen if you believe.

Change your perception of yourself," Terry says, "and how you think people view you. We all want to be better but we're afraid to show what we have to the world. Michael Stephens helped me tremendously. We're working on a show now to help others to not self-sabotage. It's about being naked and exposing fear. And saying I'm gonna make myself happy and someone else happy.

I was afraid of failure as a kid. Michael Stephens said to me, 'failure is when you don't try.' But I've conquered my fear of doing things and that to me is a success.

Terry Ilous, Terry Ilous is bringing something to others | Life of a Rock Star

Take this like an example, the theory behind the book “The Secret.” That's Michael but multiply that by 1000 times. 

Terry Ilous, T.E.N. (Ten Entertainment Nexus)

I didn't have any expectations when I signed up for Michael's "Daily Push" calls. I had my list of obstacles that I wanted to overcome and was open to any change. I appreciate that the call is strictly focused on sales and all participants are channeling their energy for the same overall outcome.

For lack of a better word, I have experienced a "breakthrough" or "clarity" on almost every single call. If it doesn't happen on the call, I see the results later on in the day. Michael helps you become aware of opportunities around you that go beyond the obvious. It's hard to verbalize the effect the calls have and there's a lot of participation involved. In fact, the calls are "hard." Michael challenges you to think and focus, so that he can give you the specific energy that you need. As I read this, it sounds weird but no matter, it works and I'm a believer.

Thanks, Michael!
~~ Mark

Michael Stephens has helped me immensely. During the last six months of my stay at my corporation, there was much going on, and not necessarily in a good way. The company I had founded and spent three years building was going through a hostile takeover, and as CEO I had many issues to deal with on many fronts … all coming at me simultaneously. Anyone who’s gone through this would agree, it’s like fighting a forest fire.

I would say that Michael was my calming, centering support in the eye of the storm, if you will. He gave me guidance and wisdom that allowed me to see my way clear. While Michael has many skills, the one that I felt helped me the most was his ability to see clearly on multiple levels. That skill allows him to almost instantly “hit the nerve,” which allowed me to keep focused. I’ll never forget that. It allowed me to think strategically in a time when tactical issues [were] flying all around.

Michael provided me with guidance that helped immensely when I was presenting to potential investors. He knew precisely how I needed to project myself, even though I thought I already had a good handle on this. Truth be told: Doesn’t matter whether you’re a seasoned exec like me, or someone just starting out—having a clear, unbiased perspective and an ability to “see” on many different levels as Michael’s able to do, is support that can be valuable to anyone.

Lane S. Yago

Hello, Michael!

I just have to tell you that, after a random call from you today, I had an important business meeting. I was real hesitant and anxious about this meeting. But, during this meeting, this HUGE sense of “calm” came over me!!! I was able to get twice the amount I thought would!!!! YOU ARE FLIPPING AMAZING!

Thank you,

I am pleased to write this letter of reference on behalf of Michael Stephens. I have worked with Michael for almost a year and definitely believe that he is a natural and gifted healer.

I am a professional and have owned my own business for 30 years. Due to a number of autoimmune disorders, I have suffered severe pain and depression, which has had an impact on my work. In my daily phone calls with Michael, sometimes in just 5 minutes, with his calm manner he has helped me release my pain and sadness. He has created a process that is quick and easy and he is teaching me, step by step, to do this process. I have had a lifetime of living in pain, and with his kindness, keen intuition, and quick insight, he can release me from it. I always call him when I need him. Sometimes Michael has even sensed that I am upset and has called me to help me release my feelings so that I can get on with my life. I can relax and become pain- and headache-free after working with him. He has a definite knowing, an ease in working with me, and a clear mind for helping me. I have never met a true healer like Michael Stephens.

With gratitude,

I think the best way to describe my amazing experience working with Michael Stephens is to use my favorite quote, "To get what I've never had, I must do what I have never done!” Michael Stephens is helping me accomplish that! Michael is like a magician! He will show you how to use the tools that we all have inside of us to make one’s dream become reality...

Terry Ilous (XYZ, Great White)

To Michael,

Just a few words to jot down the depth of what you have given me in a few days’ time. I have gone from being confused to clear, from not trusting myself to seeing myself in a new energy of ultimate and infinite possibility. I came from lack to a new and better position at work with more possibility for growth and money. The abundance in my life is overwhelming; everything is more alive, including me. I’m becoming stronger and more capable to cope with what’s going on in my life; the past is meaningless and has no power over me. I love waking up to start my day to see what else I can manifest in my life today. The best tune-up you could ever dream of. No fears, only excitement for what’s next in life. I too have found MY bliss and it was all easy.


Hi Michael,

I want to thank you so much, Michael, for the work you did on me the other night, and I wanted to share this with everyone else. I have COPD (Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and last year I got walking pneumonia. My lungs have felt so enlarged ever since. I told Michael about being physically ill for several days from all of the phlegm buildup and how painful it was to breathe. I was coughing nonstop for 2 hours and my chest felt like it had a huge weight on it. I was trying to work on myself but not having much success. Michael started working on me over the telephone and in 9 minutes the weight was gone, coughing stopped, breathing easy, lungs feeling clear and my lungs actually felt like they reduced. I slept so good that night. Michael did that, all in just 9 minutes. Over the course of a few days Michael worked on me a few more times, I’d say less than 1 hour total. My lungs now feel they are back to normal size, no more wheezing, no more phlegm, no more pain, and I have been sleeping so wonderfully.

The doctors call COPD incurable. Personally, I feel I have been cured of this disease and I owe it all to Michael. When you have Michael on your side, I don’t feel anything is incurable. Thank you again, Michael, so very much.


Hi Everyone,

I wanted to share with others about what I experienced last night while speaking with you. First I would like to mention I am not new to energy work. I am a practitioner of Reiki and Crystal Healing and have been working with energy for well over 10 years. While I have good results with people I have worked on, lately it does nothing for me. So what I felt when I was speaking to Michael was just awe inspiring. I kept telling Michael this is awesome. I’ll try to explain it.

At first I felt a tingling from toe to head, then my body started vibrating and I felt a vortex of energy surrounding me. It just kept pulsating as I felt blocks being dissolved. It was so very calming and refreshing, like weights being lifted. I could feel Michael pushing the energy because it would pick up tempo. My right palm of my hand started heating up as I was fully accepting what was happening, then it would cool and pick up heat again as this calming and energizing vortex of energy would swirl around me and just release me of all of the chatter that has been blocking me. I then started seeing a circle forming in front of me, and as the circle was getting clearer I was asking what it meant, what did it represent, and it came to me it was representing gold, not the mineral but the energy. It just started consuming me while all of the energy continued to flow around and through me. Toward the end I even felt like I was just floating. This was so amazing. I have never felt like this before. I am still tingling today. And things are just flowing smoothly, meaning I am going with the bumps and they are literally just smoothing themselves. I feel so at peace and happy. I actually feel like dancing. My pup still is not sure of what to make of all of this. She kept circling me when Michael was working on me and even barked once when it started picking up LOL. She is also more calm today, but still watchful :).

I am sure I am forgetting some important things. But if you have been thinking about doing the Push or for that matter any of Michael’s work, I would tell you go for it. Do not hesitate, just jump in. Michael has such tremendous energy around him that you cannot help but feel and experience it without him doing anything. So when he does work on you, it is just mind blowing. Your stresses just wash away, pain is gone, happiness is restored. It is so hard to explain all of the feelings that go through.


Michael ~

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart and soul for changing my life with your astonishing energy and extraordinary gifts of intuitive healing.

From our first Inner Peace session, I felt an immediate and deep connection with your energy which filled me with a sense of peacefulness. From this place of being present, my worries, hurt and pain dissolved, and within moments, I gained the clarity I had been seeking, but could never seem to find. It was this state of peace and clarity which opened up a new door, walking through that door allowed me to begin making choices and co-create a life I always dreamed of...

Your boundless support and immeasurable time spent with me allowed me to walk through that door with you and into a sacred space of pure love, bliss and harmony, it was here that my life shifted and changed. Exploring this each day has felt like Heaven on Earth, this experience and your gifts are beyond priceless... I am eternally grateful.

With an abundance of Gratitude,

Hi Michael,

Really enjoyed talking with you this afternoon. I heard your message loud and clear - sort of took me aback because it was unexpected. But fit right in with my last SAF chain and what is going on with me now. I like how you take a step back and see the big picture of how things truly are.

Loved your article on Evil. Full of truth. Of course that fit right in with with my life, too. I understand fully what you mean about not going INTO the energy of the evilness. Staying out and present. Still there on the fringe, but not IN me any longer. (and that was my chain!)

After the call I was full of ideas for my life, for SAF, for my message, and I am happy.... Thank you for that.

Life Energy Research

"Michael, your ‘Energy Push’ telecalls are VERY POWERFUL! They helped me push through and clear a deeply rooted personal obstacle. As a result, as an energy healer, my energy healings are more powerful and my intuitive abilities are spot on. My clients are indirectly receiving the maximum benefits from your push calls and they love it and so do I.

Thank you and keep up the powerful work."

Rhonda C
Intuitive Energy Healer, RMT

"Hi Michael, hope this email gets to you. It's ERIKA from Las Vegas. I've been doing The Push calls for the last few days and feel that energy shift. I feel light, floaty, almost a kind of dizziness/lightheaded then I get a solid clear awake feeling and peace. So I believe that's the PUSHing of the bad making way for the GOOD!!! Thanks so much … YOU ROCK!!!"

Erika Stanza,
Las Vegas, Nevada

"The call to do THE PUSH energy with your group is very moving … Each of us is so unique ... [The] top of my head tingles, making me tingle internally as well. Nobody can take this away from me, making me appreciate your gifts more. This is the sign that I am present with the group and loving the experience. You are so right. Breathing! I have been doing this while just walking … and find myself so happy inside. The energy moves and just makes me aware of my surroundings. Participation and connection with this group makes amplification so moving. Please participate and FEEL. Just take the first step and GO for IT. Make the CALL!!!"

Sachie Ohia
Las Vegas, Nevada

Hi Michael,

"First group Push Call this morning was interesting. I felt lighter & lighter as the call progressed. The more I was able to empty my peanut (head) the better it got in terms of feeling good, clear & light."

Lu V.

I had a quick phone call with Michael about no more obstacles.... I had just came out of emergency with my right arm in a splint with possible tendons and tricep muscles torn at the right elbow I immediately began to focus on the topic of no more obstacles ....... the result was revealed the next day instead of needing microsurgery to repair it I know I shifted the situation as this would have been a major recovery therapy time included of 8 -9 months. I clearly did not want that obstacle so it revealed that it was a severe tendonitis issue that will take much less time to clear so I am grateful for this talk with Michael taking all of less than 12 minutes for me to get his guidance. MAHALO NUI E MICHAEL I TREASURE U heaps and welcome your support I am being supported by a whole new set of folks around me and teaching my classes and sharing more in last 2 wks than the past year and half again.

Mahalo plenty,

For the past twenty years I have used the law of attraction and visualization to create my life. It was always effective, although some things took their “own sweet time” in arriving. Once I started using Michael’s program, my desires and goals materialized in record time! I am now living the life of my dreams: free and clear, doing the work I love and living in one of the most magical places on the planet. I recommend “The Secret of Creating” to all those serious about manifesting their heart’s desire.

Michelle Starkey
Author, Illustrator & Parenting Coach

Just wanted to say thank you again for your help. Today was a turnaround for me - I'm finally feeling capable of letting go and healing. I so appreciate everything. Take care and blessings!



THANK YOU SO Much. The call was very powerful and allowed me to move with instantaneous ease into empowering manifesting energy as I connected to deepest desire for FREEDOM. AM dancing to Pavarotti and dreaming about the grandest life I am creating.

Many blessings to you-

Manifesting Call,

I wanted to thank you for the phone call last night. I was listening but I didn't ask questions because I had my phone muted. I thought maybe it was my phone causing the interference.

I don't know if you wanted me to comment on what I felt when I was manifesting? The only way I can describe it was I was electrically charged all over. I felt that, as soon as I connected and heard your voice.

I believed that I learned a lot from that phone conference.

Thank you, so much.

I went to Michael for a session on financial blockage. I am a realtor with lots of business and loyal clients, but I just couldn't t seem to make my deals close. I could put them into escrow but a hundred obscure reasons would come up why they didn't t pop out.

Michael made me realize that I need to relax, and let go of my negativity. He asked me if I know the universe will meet my needs. I do, absolutely, already know that. In the space of less than ½ an hour, I was completely at peace with myself and my situation.

He read my energy and gave me advice on focus, career, family, and relationships (including setting boundaries with my neighbors).

I am confident this is the start of a major positive change in my life.

Wendy J Merrill
Las Vegas, NV

"Michael has an uncanny ability to move energy. It's powerful!"

Jason Nelson
Healer, Author, Medium


I wanted to give you my feedback about the energy call the other night.

The ideas you are presenting are totally simple, but incredibly powerful. The idea of releasing the images and feelings was a major key for me to stay present and aware. Keep releasing! I'm still processing the information I received during that call and when something comes up, I just let it go. It reminds me of who I really am, and connects me to my being-ness.

I would like to write more and I will. I just wanted to touch base and give you some feedback, and thank you for being welcoming on the call. Also, what you said to me specifically about self-love and something like "you're okay no matter what else is going on with you...you're fine", went very deep. I have been working on this very issue recently and so for me it was hugely important to the puzzle that you said that.


I have been doing healing work and meditation exercises for nearly ten years now, and I can honestly say that after experiencing healing sessions with Michael, I have learned some new “keys” which have allowed me to shift into a state of inner peace that I have never quite known before. His techniques are simple, yet effective, and they allow one to quickly and easily eliminate mental chatter, emotional attachments, and anxiety, bringing one into a space of clarity, inner vision, self-love, and happiness. After a session I feel amazingly serene, yet I’m buzzing with energy – and after just a few short sessions, I have already noticed an improvement in my ability to manifest the things I want in my life. Thank you Michael, this is beautiful work.

Dr. Alyssa Wampole, O.M.D., L.Ac.


I went further, deeper into myself and my place in the universe in 10 days with Michael's counseling ON THE PHONE than I had gone in the last 10 years of studying books.

Chris Slade
Drummer of AC/DC, etc.

Hello Michael:

Thank you for the info, and I look forward to listening to you guys tonight once more.

The Healing The Grid show yesterday was awesome; words can't describe my appreciation for you guys’ time and effort and the skills to carry such a huge healing.

My phone died before the personal healing was over.

I am also in appreciation for constant flow of free info. I'm sure the blessings will follow.

Much gratitude,

Comment on the Planetary Grid Healing Call

You recently sent a link to listen to the Sunday group channeling with Michael, you and Terry, etc. AWESOME! I found myself experiencing and following the healing as if I was there. The energy was off the charts, it was incredible. When it was over I felt blown away with the positive energy coming through.

Many times you have said, you need to listen to be a part of the group’s energy. I have listened, but this was one of the few times I resonated so completely with the energy.

I want to truly thank you, Michael, for having me on your mailing list. I don't know how but the past few e-mails I've received have made such an impact on my life. The one you sent about evil explained so much about recent events in my life. I've been so lost in my relationship with my boyfriend, and I felt like I was the girl in the story you told. He was being so so so nice and giving and for some reason I lost what I had when we first got together a year ago. So the past 6 months I have been for some reason blocking out all this compassion and [turning ] his love into a controlling force on me. I lashed out for him caring so much. And last night it just hit me like a ton of bricks and I started connecting all the dots together and it was so amazing. I was finally cracked open! I lay in his arms and explained everything and just let go of all my mental barriers. I finally understand the power of letting go! And now all I have is this overpowering feeling of being complete and totally overjoyed in this loving energy.

Last night was the first night of the rest of my life. I finally have a plan! I am setting it in motion and I am so relieved to finally be found. I thank you for your assistance—whether you intentionally knew it or not you have (and I hope will still) show up in my life at just the right moments to guide me through.

Thank you,

I really want to thank you. You graciously support me when I am most in need and I feel guided and inspired after our recent session. So much so that I was able to lift a deep sorrow and discontent from my heart through last nights meditation. This sorrow has made me depressed most my life but now I feel it has lifted in exchange for new space and healing.

Thank you thank you!
Devi Drea
Morrison, CO

I did "The Push" with Michael ten months ago. I was recovering from cancer using non-traditional methods with limited success. Everything has changed since that session. Immediately, new opportunities began to come to me. I began to take a more active role in my healing and wellness. I have made some life changes effortlessly. Consequently, I am healthier now than I have been in a long time.

That session using "The Push" technique was a defining moment in my life. It lifted me out of a malaise and despair that I have had no desire to revisit in all of these months. I am truly grateful to Michael and I do refer my friends to him.

Tamara Fay
San Rafael, California

That was pretty amazing Michael! I'm sorry I had to go. How often do you do those? What a great idea, to help the situation of this planet right now. I felt very privileged to be a part of that circle.

With much love and appreciation......Sheryl

Thank you!!
Anchorage, Alaska


I'm not sure I picked the right feedback type - it feels right to me.

I've been on three of your last 4 calls (Sat I didn't read my e-mails and so didn't realize the time change).

I just want to express my sincerest thanks for the continued education in how to help this world of ours. Having felt helpless in the past to be very effective or to have a effective tool (other than by how I live my life) to help change be brought about. I consider what you have so graciously shared not only beneficial to the Russia ; Georgia problem but also a wonderful tool that I can use to help myself and others.

After a while (years) of reading , researching ,joining spiritual groups, using various modalities for healing your technique of energy moving appears to be simple and direct.

Again , I am just trying to express my thanks for your allowing me in on the calls and the experiential learning I have been able to receive- to say nothing of the peace it leaves me with.

Blessings on you and yours.

Hi Everyone,

I would like to introduce you to a person I have been working with over the last 6 weeks, Michael Stephens. I believe he is right in alignment with our global direction to understanding our powers to manifest and create. His technique is unique and empowering. His ability to see the energy around you and assist you in releasing or transforming it ...is incredible.

I know I have received amazing shifts in my awareness since Michael and I have been working together....I am sure you will also!

I know you will enjoy his energy and his ability to assist you in going deeper than you have ever gone before.

Creating Worldwide harmony,
Lauri Cloud

I was truly blessed by the phone healing last week.

Kind regards,

Good Morning Michael,

Just to say thank you for your Healing call last night.

I found a studio after "letting go" of everything after the divorce, definitely a process, and moving early next week. Last year I was driving my car with the lease expiring, wondering what to do, although had visualized how it would feel to drive the car I desired even down to the color. Later that day drove away from the lot with the very car I created!

It does work.....just applying it to All in my life now..

Thanks again,

The life-changing things that are lining up RIGHT NOW are amazing. The opportunity I have in front of me is something I dreamed about for years and I can do it now, before the end of the month! I thought it would be at least another year.

Michelle Starkey
Author, Illustrator & Muralist 

Hi Michael,

Wanted to give you an immediate update on what's gone on since last night. (I like feedback when I paint a mural, write a book, etc. so I thought maybe you do too?) Anyway, slept 8 hours, 11-7, a bit unusual for me since I don't need much sleep. First thoughts upon awakening: Everyone I come in contact with is a channel. A channel from the source (God), a potential client/customer. This is especially helpful when it comes to selling books, you know. I really resonated with this message and know I was processing everything else as well but this was outstanding. So when I went out into the world, this thought was present. Then I received a call for a very large job from one my clients, Joe DiMaggio Children's Hospital, just when I had no idea where my next check was coming from. I know I don't need to know, though. The energy has definitely shifted and continues to do so.

Thanks so much.
Michelle Starkey
Author, Illustrator & Muralist 

Wow!! I finished your book and I have to say it was amazing!! I will write more later, but I can tell you have been where I have been! You have crystallized exactly what I went through. Now I understand some things a little better. Thanks


In my life, I have had to deal with so many issues surrounding my family-sexual abuse as a child, and total frustration in resolving, sorting or letting any of it go. It made not only me miserable, but those around me. Out of desperation, I would try anything to relieve me of the pain and dysfunction that my life had become. I was unable to trust, care or love.

I found Michael on the internet. As he spoke to me in his very soothing voice, I felt the energy change in my upper body. He directed me as to what this means and explained how to use it to resolve my issues and desire for revenge. I immediately felt myself rise above my childhood, family and those that tormented me. I no longer think or feel the same. It's a feeling of freedom, clarity and that of having a new direction for my life.

I've now reunited with friends I had 20 years ago, and even though I face my perpetrator on a daily basis, I'm able to work with the knowledge that I am free of the insanity, safe from persecution and finding more light in my life than I knew existed.

I am Blessed....Thank You Michael!
Laura Lee
Las Vegas, NV

This is exactly what I needed to hear today, thank you..odd thing is I have never been to your site before, I just kind of ended up there


What happened to me was truly amazing. I've had chronic back pain for more than 15 years. There were days that I couldn't stand up straight, and days that no matter what I did I could not get comfortable. I have tried everything possible to relieve the pain, but nothing worked. What happened to me has changed that for good.

Michael shared his gift with me. He simply put his hand on my back and left it there. He didn't move a muscle. While I was laying there, all I did was blow out, and Michael did the same. Neither of us moved, and after a while Michael lifted his hand from my back. I have never doubted his gift, and I was blessed enough to receive it. It was amazing. I sat up, and the pain was gone.

Pills, doctors, heating pads...I had tried them all with temporary relief at best. After a few hours, I was right back where I started. I've now been pain free for several days. No pain after sitting at my desk for hours, no struggle to lift something. I feel like a teenager again.

I know that there will be people who read this and doubt that what I say is true. That's fine with me. I also know that there will be people who read this and know the truth. For those people, when you receive The Push, and experience what I have, it will change your life forever.

Las Vegas, NV

Inner Peace In 30 Seconds was taught to me by Michael Stephens in just a few minutes. He taught me how to connect with myself and ground myself so that I was in a place that felt solid, sure, and peaceful. From that feeling of connection, I have felt and seen many miraculous things happen in my life in addition to being able to achieve peace within myself no matter where I am or what I'm doing. Even when I'm in a meeting, elevator, or taking a drive. It is so easy, and it is something I was trying to do on my own over the last few years practicing meditation, but Michael Stephens' way taught me how to do it easily in no time. I practice it unconsciously now. It is an amazing and beautiful feeling, and my life is different because of it. Thank you Michael Stephens 

Daliah Rainone
Rockville, MD

Dear Micheal,

Thank you for sending your book to me. I have read all the pages and will be rereading the book over and over again, as needed. I am so grateful for your inspiration. I have been called onto the path and this is a wonderful affirmation to me of what I have been through over the past several years. This will guide so many as they join the path of change into self healing and sharing.

Thank you so much! Lisa
Las Vegas, Nevada

How do I put into words the incredible things that have been happening to me?

When I met Michael I was at a place in my life when I thought that I would never find peace and happiness with myself. While we were talking on the phone, I began to feel a tingling throughout my body, and within minutes I had a serenity that I had never felt before.

Most recently, I was feeling sad about the situation that I found myself in. Once again, while on the phone, I began to feel the same tingling sensation throughout my body. Instantly I felt calmer and more in control. For a while, I had been asking the Universe for the ability to provide for my family, and the next day I got a raise and a promotion at work. I had been fighting with a local utility, and that issue resolved itself as well.

Every time that I get a Push of energy, my life improves. Whether it's on a personal or professional level. The change in my energy is so hard to describe. It's feels like the weight of the world has been taken off of your shoulders, and you know that the Universe will take care of you if you let it.

There is a feeling of peace that is a direct result of your energy being shifted from a negative place to the most positive place you can imagine.

The best way to know exactly what it feels like to have The Push, is to experience it for yourself.

Las Vegas, NV

Michael's insights allowed me to see positive aspects of myself that I might not otherwise have seen . . . and the Universe seems to appreciate that!

David Gaynes

Hello Michael,

Nice hearing from you and thank you for sharing some of your book with me. I related to all that you had to say and found much wisdom and clarity in your 'living in the now' and 'sleeping' sections. Your writing demonstrates a great ability to communicate life's lessons (which are the stepping stones to happiness) and I wish you much success with your Welcome to The New World Project..

Richard D. Kaye
Music Publisher/Producer

Michael Stephens as an intuitive business consultant is phenomenally accurate and to the point. Within a matter of 15 minutes he gave me a overall perspective of where my businesses strong and weak points were. He also outlined my marketing plan and showed me where my dollars would give me the most for the time and effort. I recommend Mr. Stephens to anyone who is truly interested in succeeding.

Jason Nelson

"Michael, your "Inner Peace" healing technique within minutes filled me with powerful positive healing energy, much needed clarity, comfort and profound inner peace at a soul level. Thank you so much for a wonderfully positive healing experience!" 

Rhonda C. 

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