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Michael Stephens has made one of the most important discoveries in human awareness. His discovery has the ability to heal, help, and empower every individual on the planet.

In 2005, Michael took a break from his life as a businessman to develop the ultimate ways to heal and help humanity. His goal was to discover the true secrets of life and healing. Through his three-year journey to find these secrets, Michael was able to make the one discovery that ties it all together.

His discovery and the methods to apply it allow individuals to easily experience inner peace, happiness, self-love, freedom, self-acceptance, healing, spiritual energy, stress release, healing from the past, love, higher spirituality, and success.

People who experience Michael’s work experience significant breakthroughs in their lives. To date Michael has personally worked with over 4,200 people, and he is planning to reach millions more through his various media projects. These projects include a film, The Inner Peace Revolution™, and a TV show, Bending Reality TV™.

Michael’s ability to work with and read energy is said to be unfathomable and uncanny. Through two of his major breakthroughs, Inner Peace in 30 Seconds™ and The Push™, Michael has been able to pioneer breakthroughs in remote influencing that have the ability to affect our world in unlimited ways.

More information and examples of his remote influencing can be found at The Inner Peace Revolution™ as well as his, Intuitive Business Consulting™ website.

Michael has set forth to bring about a new age of awareness. He says that “Inner Peace is solved and everyone on the planet can have happiness right now.” His flagship breakthrough on being present ties all his work together. He says that “Being present is the solution to nearly everything in life, and conversely it is also the most empowering thing that any individual can master.”

Michael has been able to relate this one breakthrough to nearly all life’s solutions.

Michael is an expert in name meaning, name reading, self-help, inner peace, energetic healing, intuitive business consulting, self-love, spirituality, and self-awareness. To date, his creations include the following: Bending Reality TV™, Name Reading™, Inner Peace In 30 Seconds™, The Inner Peace Revolution™, Intuitive Business Consulting™, and The Push™.

He is a leader in the self-help movement, a business leader, and an intuitive consultant to individuals, celebrities, businesses, organizations, and governments.

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