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Discover Your True Name Meaning

If you really want to know who you are and what makes you tick there are two things you should understand and they are your name meaning and your birth date blueprint.

These two together create a large part of who you are, what you think, how you feel and how you do things.

Your name and birth date act as your software. The patterns in your name and birth date create your personality/ego/character. By understanding them you can begin to not only know who you are at a deeper level than ever before, but also you can remove habitual patterns and/or personality traits you no longer desire.

Name Reading™ is one of the most advanced tools for the serious spiritual seeker. It allows you to see exactly where the ego and/or personality is stemming from so you can directly remove the undesired aspects of ego at the source.

There are currently four options available:

Mini Name Reading
In the Mini Name Reading™ session you will get familiar with how your name meaning and birth date connect with your personality. You will learn that personality, ego and/or character is not just a random set of characteristic you’ve chosen but rather a program set by the age of 5 of how you will think, feel and get stuff done. Price $500.00

Standard Name Reading
In the Standard Name Reading™ we go over your entire personality, ego, and/or character. You get an explanation of your current Name Cycles™ and the coming name cycles. And as a conclusion you get Name Prescriptions™. Name Prescriptions™ are presented as recommendations The Name Reader™ believes you need to work on in order to clear what would be considered negative influences of the ego. These are invaluable because the guidance of the Name Prescriptions™ is what will really set you free of both the ego and personal limitations. Price $5,000.00

Detailed Name Reading
A Detailed Name Reading™ is the same as the Standard Name Reading™ but offers more support. A Standard Name Reading™ is a one-time call with a small report. A Detailed Name Reading™ offers four additional support calls. The calls are intended to be additional support in understanding both the name meaning and Name Prescriptions™. If the Name Reader™ feels you are ready for additional Name Prescriptions™ during your support calls, he will also additionally provide you with as many more as he feels are merited. Price $10,000.00

Revelation 2:17 Name Transition: Coming Soon

All Name Readings™ are done over the telephone. After paying below you will be contacted for a mutually convenient consultation time.

Please Note: All clients are required to sign a “Client Non-Disclosure” form before their reading takes place.

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