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The Push™ is an alternative approach to healing and life changing, that is more of an ability, rather than a methodical approach to energy work. The Push™ works on some very basic principles and ideas of energy. Some of its foundations could be stated this simply, “We affect what we observe” and “The body, life and mind are all connected”.

What makes The Push™ different is the practitioner itself. The Push™ practitioner has reached a level of mastery working with energy and has also developed incredible psychic sensitivity.

In, The Push™ session itself, the practitioner transcends the beliefs, thoughts and present conditions in the individual’s life and brings about a terrific state of well-being and healing. Once this healing and balance occurs, The Push™ practitioner sends a literal Burst of Energy within the individual’s life and shifts their energy field. This burst of energy affects the priority areas of the Individual’s life. This means that anything good that lies within the individual’s potential becomes alive and more readily available.

It is so surreal in its approach and results that it literally appears to be magical. Clients report change, in all areas of their life, with as little as one session. The Push™ has helped in physical healing, financial matters, business opportunities, clarity, love, relationships, career improvement and much more!

From author, healer, channel Jason Nelson:

"Michael has an uncanny ability to move energy. It's powerful!"

Lisa, from California writes:

When I first met Michael I had a tall order (at least I thought it was a tall order) Michael felt that all I needed to do was follow a few steps to make some changes in my life. (Simple changes that were harder than I thought to make) I noticed immediately that the person I wanted to bring into my life began to show up. Frequently. At the moment it felt like it wasn't fast enough but looking back I am shocked on how frequent and how fast it all happened.

In a few short months things flew in a direction that I didn't think would happen. I needed money, money would appear. I needed love and support and it was there.

I had gotten into a terrible fight with my boyfriend and didn't think we would ever speak again. I was going to go out to dinner with a friend of mine and I decided that evening that we would go to a different restaurant. We sat down began to order and suddenly my boyfriend comes in. Just hours after sharing with Michael I wanted to see him and see that we were ok. My boyfriend came up to me and said hi. It blew me away! A few minutes later Michael calls me. I was shocked! This man is the real deal when it comes to remote influencing. Hands down the BEST and the most honest about it. He isn't afraid to work on any project. I have yet to meet anyone who does anything remotely similar to what he does.

Michael can really influence and change the energies in any situation. Relationships, Career, Family, Business, Health....the list goes on! Solve your problems without spending years even decades wishing. Get it NOW.

Push™ services are performed by Michael Stephens and can be used as a one-time service or be done on-call through a longer agreement. Since The Push™ is really specific to each individual’s energetic situation, Michael requires an initial client application. If accepted as a client, you will be required to make payment in full and fill out a client non-disclosure agreement. All sessions are done over the telephone and prices are specific to each client.

In a typical session, Michael will begin with a few questions, give you an assessment or consultation of what the energetic situation is, and then begins his energy work. Time can range from minutes to hours. Once started, Michael works with your energy till he gets the feeling it is complete. It is typical that a client will feel this completion as well.

Please keep in mind that no guarantee of an exact result(s) can be given before or during a Push™ session.

To apply for a Push™ session with Michael simply use our contact form explaining what your situation or needs are. For more extensive remote influencing services for business, organizations and/or government, please visit Intuitive Business Consulting.

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