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By: Michael Stephens

Today's Expression are my expressions. They are my discernments, perceptions and observations of the energies of my world and the world around me. They are very special to me and they are not quite always what they seem. They are not to be treated as simple sayings or attempts at philosophies, but they are energies to be felt and explored. Each expression can be traveled into for a deeper understanding of our world from my perspective and the true perspective of an energy reader. When you read them, let go of what you think and simply feel the expression and see what other energy you feel within it.

In the future, all expressions will be expandable into special learning sections, where you will not only get the deep meaning and relevance but will also be able to give your feedback.

Thank you,
Michael Stephens

07.16.2015 Natural Disasters
04.20.2014 The US Government Collapse
04.19.2014 The New Crucifix
04.16.2014 Ring of Fire
04.14.2014 Hunger
04.11.2014 Meeting My Moments
03.07.2014 The Creator is Freedom
03.06.2014 Conversations with You
02.03.2014 The Year 2014
03.09.2013 Knowing Me
03.09.2013 The External
01.05.2013 The Question
01.05.2013 Without Intuition
12.30.2012 Biblical Greek
12.30.2012 Saying No
12.27.2012 The Matrix Choices
12.21.2012 December 21, 2012 - Revolution Day
12.21.2012 December 21, 2012, The End of the World
12.21.2012 The Value of Gold
12.20.2012 The Worship of Money
12.19.2012 Grains of Sand
12.01.2012 The New Age
12.01.2012 The Future
11.09.2012 Cover Ups 
11.09.2012 Bigger Dreams
11.07.2012 The Illuminated
11.05.2012 This Time
11.05.2012 All Things Are Not Equal
10.29.2012 The Matrix
10.26.2012 The Change Coming
10.25.2012 The Sweetness
10.18.2012 What First?
10.18.2012 2012 US Presidential Election
09.29.2012 Love Sparkles
08.16.2012 Enlightenment
07.05.2012 The Easy Way
07.05.2012 More in the Nothing
06.25.2012 Unrealistic Plans
05.27.2012 At This Time
04.24.2012 Reading My Mind
04.01.2012 Struggling Relationships
03.31.2012 Timeless Energy
03.30.2012 Philosophy Repository
03.30.2012 The Unjust Life
03.30.2012 Fuck the Past
03.29.2012 Small Destiny Illusions
03.25.2012 New Rules, New Order
03.17.2012 Chat with the Creator
03.17.2012 Enlightened by Today’s Events
03.17.2012 Feeling Strong
03.16.2012 Doing What’s Appropriate
03.13.2012 Your Days Aren’t Numbered
03.12.2012 The World in Your Way
03.11.2012 Long Term Player
03.09.2012 Soulmate Addiction
03.08.2012 Chasing Money
03.05.2012 Do You Want Kids?
03.05.2012 In 2022
03.03.2012 Being in Flow with Someone?
02.27.2012 Date with the Soul?
02.23.2012 Reading Minds
02.22.2012 The World is Solid
12.16.2011 Tyranny Reactions
11.19.2011 Reprogramming the Future
11.15.2011 Being More Spiritual
11.03.2011 Human Skepticism
10.31.2011 Power of Protest
10.12.2011 Slave Belief
10.05.2011 Whispers from the Universe
10.05.2011 Individual Substance
09.27.2011 The Moments of Tomorrow
09.27.2011 Love is Not Emotional
09.27.2011 Love is Clear
09.12.2011 The Common Man
09.12.2011 The Future of Truth
08.28.2011 Finding Your Truth
07.09.2011 Exerting Your Force
07.07.2011 Your Highest Octave
07.07.2011 Be Direct with Yourself
07.03.2011 It Can Take Years
07.03.2011 Withstand Me
06.24.2011 Dark of Service
06.03.2011 Ruling the Game of Life
06.02.2011 Simple Pleasures
06.02.2011 Hiding Money in Religion
06.02.2011 The Real World
05.25.2011 The Path of Intuition
03.22.2011 Breaking Games with Honesty (Level 1)
02.22.2011 Fear and the How
02.22.2011 Get Rid of Attachment
02.22.2011 The Joy in Nothing
02.22.2011 Joy Happens
02.22.2011 What You Want
02.22.2011 Human Capability
02.21.2011 God is My Engineer
02.18.2011 Religion is the Dividing Line
02.18.2011 The Power of Communication
02.17.2011 Natural Gratitude
02.16.2011 Attracted to Inner Desire
02.16.2011 I Said to Her
02.16.2011 Soul To Soul
02.16.2011 Nurturing the Human Spirit
02.16.2011 The Past is Dead
02.16.2011 Clearing the Worst
02.16.2011 The Games You Play
02.13.2011 Actions Lead to Winning
02.13.2011 Statement of Peace
02.11.2011 Ego and Pride
02.04.2011 A Beast Moving Forward
01.17.2011 The Wind Blows
01.12.2011 Baring Your Heart
01.12.2011 Falling Into the Sea
01.05.2011 Releasing Fear
01.05.2011 Being King Or Being Normal
01.05.2011 Being Honest To Get What You Want
01.05.2011 Letting Go Of Attachment
12.31.2010 Getting What You Want
12.29.2010 It Has Purpose
12.29.2010 Trusting Your Inner Revelation
12.29.2010 Great Change
12.23.2010 Instruments of Change
12.15.2010 The Truth Now
10.27.2010 What Can Be Given, Can Be Taken Away
10.14.2010 Today I Am Philosopher
10.14.2010 Being Still
10.12.2010 Your Savior
10.12.2010 The World Without Challenge
10.11.2010 Hope
10.11.2010 What You Carry In Life
10.08.2010 Making The Crossover
10.07.2010 Peace With Challenges
10.06.2010 Change With Energy
09.08.2010 Hiding Anger
08.01.2010 Your Biggest Dream
06.13.2010 Your Soulmate
03.14.2010 Can You Communicate Your Innocence?
02.21.2010 Allow Transformation
02.07.2010 True Spiritual Seeking
02.06.2010 Who We Really Are
02.05.2010 Manifesting From Feeling
01.31.2010 Angels, Guides, the Universe and God
01.17.2010 A New Age of Communication 
10.30.2009 Forgiveness
10.22.2009 A War Has Started
07.27.2009 The World Will Change 
06.03.2008 Natural Law Deterrents
02.04.2008 Opening for Humility
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Today's Expression: Natural Disasters

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